Mozzarella Sticks                                                                      Buffalo Wings

    Served with marinara sauce - $6.59                                           Six mild wings, deep fried to a golden

Chicken Fingers                                                                            brown.  Served with celery sticks and

    Five golden fried chicken strips, served with                            Ranch for dipping - $8.09

    our sweet BBQ sauce - $7.89                                                 Combo

Potato Skins                                                                                  3 mozzarella sticks, 3 chicken fingers,

    Baked Idaho skins with melted cheddar                                    and 3 buffalo wings - $8.99

    cheese and real bacon, served with sour                                 Cheese Quesadilla

    cream - $7.59                                                                             A grilled flour tortilla loaded with cheese.

Onion Rings                                                                                  Served with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, and

    Beer battered and fried to perfection.                                        sides of sour cream and salsa - $7.39

    Served with Ranch dressing for dipping - $6.89                       With Chicken - $8.39


Served with a cup of cup or a tossed salad


Tender spaghetti, tossed in our delicious meat sauce and served with garlic toast - $8.99

Baked Mostaccioli

Mostaccioli tossed in our delicious meat sauce, topped with melted

mozzarella and served with garlic toast - $9.59

Chicken Parmesan

Grilled chicken breast covered with mozzarella, on top of spaghetti

and served with garlic toast - $10.69

Veal Parmesan

Golden fried veal covered with mozzarella, on top of spaghetti and

served with garlic toast - $10.69

Fettucini Alfredo

Fettucini tossed with classic Alfredo sauce and Parmesan cheese and

served with garlic toast - $9.59

With Grilled Chicken Breast - $11.09

Fettucini ala Johnny

Tender fettucini tossed with broccoli, mushrooms, and diced chicken

breast with Alfredo sauce. Served with garlic toast - $11.49

Homestyle Favorites

Served with a bread basket and two choices of the following:

Tossed Salad - Cup of Homemade Soup - Cottage Cheese - Hashbrowns - 

Coleslaw - American Fries - Potato Salad - Mashed Potato -

Applesauce - Rice - Mostaccioli - Baked Potato

Homestyle Meatloaf                                                               Baby Beef Liver

    A hearty portion of our fresh baked                                        Grilled to perfection and topped with

    meatloaf, smothered in brown gravy - $9.79                          grilled onions - $9.39  add bacon - $10.39

Pork Tenderloin Dinner                                                        Liver O’Brien

    Two lightly breaded pork tenderloins, golden-fried               Grilled to perfection and topped with

    and smothered in brown gravy - $10.09                                  sauteed onions, mushrooms, and green

Chicken Strips                                                                          peppers - $10.39

    Five breaded chicken tenderloins, fried to a                       Vegetable Stir-Fry

    golden-brown, served with your choice of BBQ                    An assortment of sauteed vegetables,

    or Ranch - $9.79                                                                     tossed in a stir-fry glaze, served over

Grilled Chicken Breast Dinner                                               rice - $9.59

    Boneless breast of chicken gently grilled - $9.79                 With Grilled Chicken Breast - $10.79

House Special                                                                        Fried Chicken

    Grilled chicken breast topped with sauteed green                  1/2 of a chicken, crispy and golden on

    peppers, onions, mushrooms, and                                           the outside, moist and tender on the

    melted Swiss - $11.49                                                             inside - $10.79

                                                                                                    All white meat - $11.79

  We proudly serve only fresh U.S.D.A. choice beef.  All Combos, Steaks, Ribs, and

Seafood selections include a bread basket, and two choices from the following items:

Tossed Salad - Coleslaw - Applesauce - Cottage Cheese - Potato Salad -

Cup of Homemade Soup - Vegetable - French Fries - Hashbrowns - American Fries -

Mashed Potato with gravy - Rice - Mostaccioli - Baked Potato


Ribeye Steak - For steak lovers!

A 12oz juicy steak, char-broiled to your liking, and topped with golden-fried onion rings - $16.69

Smothered Ribeye

A 12oz juicy steak, char-broiled to your liking, and topped with sauteed mushrooms,

onions, green peppers, and melted Mozzarella cheese - $18.09

Top Sirloin Steak

A big 12 oz sirloin, char-broiled to your liking, and topped with sauteed mushrooms - $15.09

Steak Chicago

A big 12oz top sirloin, seasoned with herbs, and char-broiled to your liking - $15.69

Chopped Steak

Hand-formed ground chuck steak, char-broiled to your liking, and

topped with grilled onions - $11.69

Gourmet Chopped Steak

Hand-formed ground chuck steak, char-broiled to your liking, and topped with sauteed mushrooms, onions, and green peppers - $12.69


Hot, tender, and falling off the bone.  Smothered in our sweet BBQ sauce.

Full rack of ribs - $17.99

One-half rack - $13.99


Jumbo Shrimp or Coconut Shrimp                                      Salmon Steak

    Half-dozen lightly breaded and golden-fried                         8oz of mouthwatering salmon, grilled just the

    fantail shrimp, served with cocktail sauce                             way you like it, served with tartar sauce and

    and lemon -$11.99                                                                 lemon - $13.19

Popcorn Shrimp                                                                     Fried Catfish

    Lightly breaded and golden-fried, served                              A solid 15 ounces, so bring the appetite.

    with cocktail sauce and lemon - $10.99                                 Hand battered and golden-fried to perfection,

                                                                                                    served with tartar sauce and lemon - $12.59


                            Steak & Shrimp                                     Ribs & Chicken Breast

                8oz Top Sirloin char-grilled just the                  1/2 slab of our tender ribs smothered

           way you like and four jumbo fantail shrimp            in our sweet BBQ sauce and a grilled

                     fried golden brown - $16.69                          chicken breast make this a win/win

                                                                                                      combination - $16.69


Side Orders

        Vegetable - $1.99                                                                 Homemade Chili (In Season)

        French Fries - $2.69                                                                 - Cup - $3.29

        Mashed Potato & Gravy - $2.69                                             - Bowl - $3.99

        American Fries - $2.69                                                     Cottage Cheese - $2.69

        Hashbrowns - $2.69                                                          Potato Salad - $2.69

        Rice - $2.69                                                                        Coleslaw - $2.29

        Baked Potato - $2.69                                                        Applesauce - $2.29

        Tossed Salad - $3.09                                                         Fresh Fruit Cup - $2.99

        Onion Rings - $3.59                                                          Mostaccioli - $3.19

        Sweet Potato (Fri. Only) - $2.89

        Mac & Cheese (Fri. Only) - $3.09

        Cottage Cheese with peaches or pineapple - $3.69